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What's New Track Plans - Layout Weathered Beyer-Garrat on a scratch-built model of one of the Broadmeadow roundhouses

The Newcastle area was the last holdout for mainline steam in Australia...

...partly because of its extensive coal resources but also because of its high traffic density.

In the mid-60’s there were around 150 NSW Government operated steam locomotives based at Broadmeadow’s double roundhouse and at the separate roundhouse at Port Waratah, as well as a separate fleet of steam locomotives operating on privately owned coal lines.

...from the NSW Archives

I hope you enjoy learning more about this amazing time for steam in NSW history, and the passion I have for modelling it!

Garry Glazebrook

Indeed the area became a Mecca for steam fans, with an amazing

variety of traffic. This ranged from 60 year old saturated steam locos

on diminutive coal trains to the streamlined C38 Pacific (4-6-2’s) on

Newcastle Flyers, which ran almost non-stop between Newcastle and Sydney

in a little over two hours.

It was also the best place to see Australia’s largest steam locomotives, the AD60 class

4-8-4 + 4-8-4 Beyer-Garratts, often double-heading coal or general freight trains on steep gradients of up to 1 in 40, as well as local passenger trains with American-style end-platform cars.

Beyer-Garratt on a scratch-built turntable & roundhouse, modelled on Broadmeadow yard

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