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In designing the layout, equal consideration was given to modelling key scenes through LDE’s (layout design elements) and to potential operation. Fortunately most trains in the 1960’s in New South Wales were quite short – less than seven feet in HO scale, with the exception being certain coal and long distance freight trains which were up to 12 feet in length.

The major design elements comprised:

Newcastle Station, City Centre and Port

Broadmeadow Yard

Adamstown Tunnel

Sulphide Junction and Cardiff Railway Workshops, and

Newstan Mine and Fassifern.

Consideration of the available space led to a design with Newcastle

along the right hand wall; Broadmeadow yard along the top wall,

with the loco.depot in the top left-hand corner; and the main line to

Fassifern winding around loops at B and C before returning to staging located under Broadmeadow. The main line to the north of Broadmeadow uses a loop D under Newcastle to run to the main staging under Broadmeadow.

A top-down plan of the first layout , showing trackage and design elements can be seen here.

If you are really feeling like a good read, the details of all my planning decisions are to be

found in this document: Planning the Newcastle-Fassifern Raliway.pdf

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While the line between Newcastle and Fassifern was only about 17 miles long, squeezing the city of Newcastle, Broadmeadow Yard, the main line, coal mines and staging into a small 12 feet by 17 feet attic proved quite a design challenge!

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