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First Layout


While the line between Newcastle and Fassifern was only about 17 miles long, squeezing the city of Newcastle, Broadmeadow Yard, the main line, coal mines and staging into a small 12 feet by 17 feet attic proved quite a design challenge!  For more information, see the Design Page by clicking here, or on the “Design” tab above.  Or, if you are feeling like a really good read (!), the details of all my planning decisions are to be found in this document: Planning the Newcastle-Fassifern Raliway.pdf


The area modelled had very high density traffic in the mid 1960’s. Over 100 freight

and passenger trains passed through Broadmeadow in the “down” direction (away from

Sydney) on a typical weekday.  The relationship between actual and modelled operations is

summarised in this table.  For more information, see the Operations Page by clicking here, or

on the “Operations” tab above.  Or else read the complete Selectively Compressing Timetables.pdf.

38’s near the coal stage


One feature was the use of modular baseboard sections. In general these

were kept to no more than 80 cm (32 inches) wide and 1.7 metres

(5 feet) long. The idea was to enable the layout to be dismantled

into modules should I ever move house, by extracting them through

the attic window! For more information, see the Build Page by clicking here

or on the “Build” tab above.

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