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Alistair Gilmore & Author
At an operating session 2014

The area modelled had a very high density of traffic in the mid 1960’s. This table below shows that there were over 100 freight and passenger trains through Broadmeadow in the “down” direction (northbound, or away from Sydney) on a typical weekday. Most passenger trains terminated at Newcastle, but some bypassed the Newcastle branch line to travel on to the North Coast or North-West main lines. Northbound freight trains included through freights to Brisbane (500 miles north), empty steel freights to the BHP Steel works, ore freights to Sulphide Junction, and numerous local and “pick up” freights serving local industries. Coal trains included export trains to Port Waratah (mostly steaming coal), coal and coke trains to the BHP steel works, and some coal trains to power stations.

Of these it is proposed to operate less than half – or about 40 trains each way on a weekday

- using a 3:1 time clock - with each 2 hour operating session representing

6 hours of real time and covering the operations of around 20 trains.

Most would be passenger or through freight trains, which will only

take 4 to 8 actual minutes on the visible part of the layout, given the short

run length. The exception will be the local freights, which will allow for more

extensive shunting, and might keep an operator busy for up to 30 real minutes.

With three operators, each person can expect to operate six or more trains in a

two hour operating session.

So far only limited operations have occurred, using DCC with NCE control. Car & train cards

were used.  As there is only space for three operators, this is the limiting factor rather than the

amount of track work!  When the original design was developed, I was a lone modeller, and only ever envisaged operating with one or possibly two people.  You can see here a section of the operating timetable.



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