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3803 from low angle at Kotara - July 2017

The New Layout is coming along beautifully, with a number of large and successful operations under our belt.  I have just added a very recent (March this year) pdf that has a history of Operations on the Newcastle Fassifern Railway.   For those possibly wanting to join in on the operating sessions, have a look at the (July 2017) Operations Manual.  Our now regular operating sessions are held The sessions are held every 6 weeks or so.  The manual will be periodically updated.

By now, we have added over 100 photos of the New Layout, including some very recent ones (July 2017) that really show some fine modelling details.

Some background: after barely 18 months building the second layout, my son convinced us -in 2015 - that we should move to a new home, still in the Southern Highlands, about 6km north in Burradoo.  Naturally, the new house had to accommodate the layout!  My long-suffering wife exceeded all normal tolerances by agreeing not only to move house (in August 2015), but also to having two upstairs bedrooms demolished to create the mother-of-all train rooms (in October 2015).

Earlier this year, I added a detailed history of my modelling attempts on the Newcastle-Fassifern railway, including design, planning and operations on the new layout - in the form of a two part .pdf file.  You can see part 1 and part 2 here.   They make for a good read!  They are each around 9MB so may take a little while to download, depending on your internet connection speed.

July 2017 - Overview of Steelworks

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