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What's New

2 May 2018

Four photos have been added showing the first applications of 2-part epoxy to form the harbour at Port Waratah and also Cockle Creek. I found it quite effective in getting the waves and reflections of the prototype.

10 April 2018

A .pdf that outlines the history to date of Operations on the Newcastle Fassifern Railway has been added.

18 July 2017

Quite a bit has been added!  

In terms of the new layout: over thirty photos taken in early July have been added to the New Layout >> Photos page.  Some of the photos, taken by my brother Tony, are starting to really show some interesting details.   I have updated the New Layout tab with two of these.

I have also added a detailed Operations Manual for those wanting to take part in the now regular operating sessions that are held every 6 weeks or so.  The Manual will be periodically updated.  A link to the manual has also been placed on the Articles tab, as well as in the blurb on the New Layout tab.

In terms of the Prototype, I have added a link to a wonderful Film Australia video made in 1974 that is now on Youtube: “A Steam Train Passes.  It is from the Film Australia Collection and was directed by David Haythornthwaite.  Generally regarded as Australia's finest railway film and winner of many awards the world over,  “A Steam Train Passes” is a nostalgic, imaginative essay on one of the majestic but now retired C38 class steam locomotives.

I have also added a link to another prototype Youtube video: “Steam on the Main North”.  Discover the NSW Hunter region’s history as a major transport network with this new documentary, which features footage from the Hunter shot by transport enthusiast and cinematographer Roger McKenzie, and his friend Bernie Kent in 1968.  The film features footage from three locations around Maitland: Fassifern, Hawkmount (between Awaba and Dora Creek), and Thornton.

“Steam on the Main North” is from the Film Archives of Steam in the Newcastle and Hunter Region in the 1960’s.

Both these video links can also be found on the Links & Contacts tab in the section on Prototype, and I have also created a new Protoype >> Videos page with the links there as well.

I have also updated the Prototype >> Track Plans page - with a link to First Layout >> Track Plans, because I realised that the latter page includes some prototype track plans as well.

21 April 2017

A detailed history of planning and operations on my Newcastle-Fassifern railway layout - in the form of a two part .pdf file - has been added.  It starts with my first attempt in Sydney, and moves through to the current layout.  You can see part 1 and part 2 here.  They are each around 9MB so may take a little while to download, depending on your internet connection speed.

13 January 2017

There are two batches of new photos, which you can see on the New Layout>>Photos page

- one is from an operating session on 15 December 2016, taken by Earl Rutz.

This had a goal of 9 operators and was a more relaxed affair. This was also the first time the new Ingot Cars and other specialised Steelworks Rollingstock were in use.

- the second are some more detailed photos by Richard Batterley, taken in November 2016. This is a selection of experimental photos.  They include some high level shots of the layout, as well as some detailed shots of particular locos. Richard was experimenting with black and white conversions, adding smoke and other special effects.

14 November 2016

Around sixty photos of Newcastle have been added to the Prototype->Photos page.  Also added are six photos of a recent operating session on 4th November 2016.

9 September 2016

As at September 2016, the baseboard and trackage for the steelworks and Port Waratah modules are complete. Mock-up buildings at the steelworks, and the first mock-up building on the Newcastle module (The Great Southern Hotel) have been added.  You can see the additions on the new layout photos page.

21 June 2016

More photos of an operating session of the new layout on 16 April 2016 have been added.  They were taken by Ruth Garbutt during a get together of the Sydney DCC Modellers Group.  About 20 people attended all up.  Things were a bit chaotic at first, but they certainly gave the layout a good workout!

18 February 2016

More photos of the new layout have been added, as well as a link to a Youtube video of an operating session of the second layout (in the shed) - by John Bryan - during a DCC Modellers’ meeting in August 2015.  The video was taken shortly before the layout was moved to the current address, to become the New Layout.

4 February 2016

First photos and information of the “new” layout!  See New Layout tab.

19 July 2015

Photos by Richard Batterley from the first operational session of the current layout on 21 June 2015 have been added.  Stage 1 tracks are completed, including a temporary connection from Kotara to Port Waratah to create a circuit. The session was attended by Roger Tuck, Lachlan and Peter McGuire, Chris Day, John Briggs and Marcia Manning. Although there were a dew derailments and some near collisions, mercifully there were no serious injuries. Richard Batterley took and edited the photos in an attempt to hide the lack of scenic detailing.

31 May 2015

Three new articles have been added on the Articles page: Modelling the Newcastle Steelworks, Modelling Broadmeadow Depot, and Planning the Second Newcastle Fassifern Railway.

In addition, a number of photos of trains in operation at the Newcastle steelworks have been generously made available by Leon Oberg in 300dpi high resolution.  The images available for viewing here are reduced resolution (for web viewing) from those originals.

31 March 2015

Several new photos and 3rd Plan It 3D Views of the current layout have been added.

12 February 2015

Four new photos of the current layout under construction have been added.  A new “Articles” tab has been created and a new article added - “Looking forward to some new mistakes”.  This provides a comprehensive discussion of how the new Layout was designed, and appears in the Layout Design Sig Journal.

28 October 2014

Six photos of the new layout have been added.

29 September 2014

Some track plan options for the Current Layout have been included; more detail has been added to the Current Layout and Prototype pages, and the “Maps” link on all pages has been removed until copyright free material is obtainable.  The Home page has been updated slightly, and the Home>>Photos page reorganised.

26 September 2014

Well, the web site is now officially launched, although some pages are still under construction.

The Prototype page has some photos of the Newcastle - Fassifern area in steam days and additional photos and other material will be added over time. The Current Layout page includes some photos showing the start of construction of the new layout, and more material on the designing, building and eventually operations will be added periodically.

The pages on my First layout are the most complete, including photos and videos to see...

I aim to add more material at a regular rate, so please check back in in a few weeks.

Happy browsing...


Garry Glazebrook

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Newly painted C38 at Eveleigh carriage works.  NSW State Records